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3 ordinary guys who had an inspiration of delivering exceptional service created the birth of Banba international. Our previous expertise in selling electronic accessories gave us the edge over our B2b competitors. 3 of us had one goal to be the most successful B2b supplier. We want to be the ‘go to company’, which companies can trust and help them grow.

 Late 2017, we were selling products on behalf of our previous employer to clients, which were off the shelf products and packed in dead white packaging. Meeting room after meeting room selling the same products made us frustrated as companies where looking for innovative and life changing products.

 Early 2018, sitting comfortably around Pablo’s kitchen table, We asked ourselves, Why cant WE provide clients and companies with the life changing, stylish, bespoke products?

 This is where the light bulb flashed.It was clear; it was time for a change for the B2b industry and us.

We setup Banba all from Pablo’s famous kitchen table, which became our office for the first 7 months.



Banba’s name was actually created by Pablo. The idea was to have 1or2 letters from each surname and put it together. The actual name would have been BANBH. Pablo got the final surname letter wrong, which created BANBA. It was memorable, creative and sounded powerful. Thanks Pablo.

Banba actually comes from the Irish mythology, hence the Irish green underline. We found our brand colour with some Irish luck.



We are aware of how competitive the industry is becoming and how significant we have to make organisations choose us a number one supplier. It was vital to breakdown, why companies will choose us. We had to create a dominant selling point with in Banba, to provide the edge over our competitors.

 After a long brainstorming session over Pablo’s kitchen table, 3 of us came up with 7 golden reasons why companies should choose Banba.

-       Swift response to enquiries 

-       Pricing and Stock availability with in minutes 

-       Competitive Product price 

-       Full Product inspection (Manufactured products)

-       Small Product MOQs 

-       Reliable supply chain – From manufacture to Customer 

-       Easy Return process

 This was a simple but strong vision created for Banba



We wanted to be selling exclusively to the B2b industry as we thought this is a powerful market. From our previous experiences, clients and companies don’t have time and sometimes the knowledge about what they are buying.

 It was time for Banba to step in.

 Product ideas are a crucial part of the business. There was only one way to start the product ideas, which was to go straight to the source, CHINA.

 Our first Hong Kong/China trip was to attend a well-known trade-show that manufactures show their latest products and innovations. This was the stepping-stone for Banba.

 Going from factory to factory in deep china we were adamant to find the most reliable, sustainable and premium quality manufacture. Our idea was to find a manufacture that can produce products of high quality consistently and offer flexibility in manufacturing.

 While on our manufacturer wonder trip we came across a real eye-opening product. Eco- friendly cases. This was a Pablo’s kitchen moment?



After our exhausting Asia trip, in early 2018, we found a market, which we wanted to explore, ECO Friendly.Selling electronic accessories and eco products under one name wasn’t a good idea.

How can we sell leather products and also sell eco products? This was a modest combination.

The LIFE B2B brand is for companies and public sector companies to have the finest solution of products for electronic accessories. We want to provide flexibility in our process, which can be custom to customer needs. Personalising and creating their very own products was our fundamental goal.

The Live3co brand is to help change the world, we wanted to produce products which customers can be proud to use, knowing they are contributing to make the world a better place. Live3co products which come from the most natural source, is the step forward of changing how we can use these products in our everyday lives. We are the only B2b supplier for eco – friendly products.

 Banba Team